Karam Express


Karam Portfolio Karam Cafe plans to expand internationally in a select number of cities, with Owned and operated by Karam Beirut LLC, Karam Express is the quick-service version of the Karam empire. With its first successful outlet operating seamlessly in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, Karam Express plans to bring quality Lebanese cuisine to commercial areas and multicultural city centres across the region and beyond.


Karam Portfolio Employing the same standards of Karam Beirut, the quick-service brand offers combination dishes of Lebanese favourites while considering the active schedule and fast-paced lifestyle of today’s society. Its convenient meals provide healthy choices in a trendy environment at very reasonable prices. Karam Express aims to maintain the quality, selection and consistency of food served in Karam Beirut.


Karam Portfolio With dishes prepared at Karam’s central kitchens, the customer has the choice of contemporary and authentic Lebanese dishes with a variety of Meza starters, as well as sumptuous meat or chicken dishes with particular focus on the Lebanese specialty, Shawarma. There is a pleasing selection of healthy and vegetarian dishes in line with Western tastes, in addition to fresh fruit juices and light Mediterranean desserts. Karam’s famed Dishes of the Day will also provide home-style hot dishes on the go.


Karam Portfolio As the popularity of Lebanese cuisine rises globally, Karam Express offers a corner of true Mediterranean cuisine to busy shoppers, tourists, businesspeople or families with children. Its true target will be those who seek quality food, combining fine taste with rapid service.


Karam Portfolio Karam’s trendy concept bridges the traditions of fine Lebanese cuisine with the 21st century. An impressive marble-like counter with indirect lighting combine with wood and stainless steel elements to reflect a welcoming atmosphere against a backdrop of modern mosaic tiles.


Karam Portfolio Fast, friendly and well-trained staff members and chefs behind the counter help clients choose from among the many choices, explaining ingredients and cooking methods to discoverers of Lebanese cuisine.Karam Express aims to supply fast service while maintaining the care and elaborate tastes that are involved in Lebanese food. Over 90% of the staff is Lebanese, fully trained in Lebanon. Many are graduates of the country’s fine hotel schools.


Karam Portfolio Karam Express plans to expand internationally in a select number of cities, with negotiations underway of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UK. Only after a careful study of the marketplace, and after ensuring that the local multi-ethnic community and any potential partners would highly appreciate the Lebanese-Mediterranean cuisine, will Karam Express open its doors at a particular location.