Karam Café


Karam Portfolio Middle-Eastern hospitality is known for its casual, laid-back atmosphere, friendly service and constant attention, coupled with lots of tea, coffee, lemon-mint cocktails and shisha.
Karam café weaves around the visitor a warm, relaxed experience that’s partly savouring good food, and partly chatting away with friends. This informal outlet is simply perfect for get-togethers, watching life go by, or sampling its special dishes along with sumptuous cocktails.


Karam Portfolio Karam Café aims to create a relaxed, social ambiance that revolves around healthy, delicious Lebanese food against a backdrop of trendy lounge music and modern, streamlined décor.


Karam Portfolio Karam Café has made ordering Lebanese food easier than ever, with several set menu combinations that are hearty, healthy and delicious for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Karam Café has also reinvented some of the old Lebanese specialties, serving them in a lighter and more original way than other Lebanese places. These signature dishes, exclusive to Karam Café, are designed to delight the palate while fitting in with the modern ambiance that Karam Café embodies.


Karam Portfolio By virtue of being in commercial centres and busy areas, Karam Café offers a relaxed escape from the hustle and bustle of the malls. It attracts families and hungry shoppers around lunchtime, yet is also popular with the younger crowd and with individuals early morning and during long afternoons. Its clients are particularly appreciative of all the added advantages, apart from the quality food and drink, such as Wifi access and lounge music infused with Arabian and Eastern rhythms.


Karam Portfolio A smooth, uncomplicated atmosphere is enhanced by straight lines, dark wood and light colors. This is an uncluttered place that frees the spirit and welcomes it with the warm hospitality of the Levant.
Subtle Arabesque elements are weaved into the décor as a gentle reminder that Karam is proud of its Middle Eastern heritage, while embracing the modern aspects of the new, trendy Arab world. The décor is accentuated by the original tableware, specially designed uniforms and modern lighting techniques.


Karam Portfolio Karam Café is a full-service restaurant, with the same standards of delightful service that Karam Beirut is famous for. An important part of any Lebanese meal is the attentive service that comes with it, and the friendly suggestions that let guests combine elements of this delicate gourmet cuisine in different ways. A non-smoking section caters to non smokers, while a shisha section is open to amateurs of the hubbly-bubbly pipe (where the laws permit).


Karam Portfolio Karam Cafe plans to expand internationally in a select number of cities, with negotiations underway of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UK. Only after a careful study of the marketplace, and after ensuring that the local multi-ethnic community and any potential partners would highly appreciate the Lebanese-Mediterranean cuisine, will Karam Cafe open its doors at a particular location.