Karam Beirut


Karam Portfolio With the re-emergence of the Beirut Central District as a place for both good business and good food, the restaurant reinvented itself in the Downtown area under the name of Karam Beirut to reflect its modern image. Karam Beirut is proud to enter the international market with the opening of eight restaurants in Dubai.


Karam Portfolio Whether in Lebanon or abroad Karam Beirut takes pride in offering theessence of Lebanese cuisine, top-notch service and Lebanese hospitality ataffordable prices in a comfortable setting and sophisticated décor. The nameKaram Beirut also reflects the culinary riches and bounty that its namesakecity offers, particularly since Karam also means generosity in Arabic.


Karam Portfolio Lebanese cuisine is famed for the numerous hors d’oeuvre dishes known as Meza. Without overwhelming the customer, Karam Beirut focuses on a select variety of these items that reflect the fine, delicate tastes of lemon, olive oil, herbs and a hint of spice and garlic that are always a delight to the senses.The restaurant also has much success with its ‘Dishes of the Day’, a choice of three freshly-prepared daily meals popular with business people and with clients who yearn for a more home-cooked flavour.


Karam PortfolioKaram Beirut targets business people, tourists and some families that seek fine Lebanese cuisine and its multitude of flavours. Its tables seat a mix of sophisticated clients that want to enjoy fine Lebanese cuisine in a modern Lebanese atmosphere. Karam Beirut’s patrons can easily serve over 2000 people per day in the Dubai locations


Karam Portfolio With a modern look designed by one of Lebanon’s top interior decorators, Karam Beirut has transcended the image of the traditional Lebanese restaurant. Its restaurants in Dubai boast contemporary design elements such as glass, aluminium and wood, while incorporating arabesque architectural elements, indirect lighting and warm colours. Stone walls, niches with glass shelves filled with antiques, wrought iron and marble are also part of the unique east-meets-west décor.


Karam Portfolio Although Lebanese restaurants are generally well known for their hospitality, Karam Beirut has gone a step further in combining attentiveness with the anticipation of customer needs. It has also become known for its outside catering, especially during the festive periods of the year.


Karam Portfolio With the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the success of Lebanese food abroad, Karam Beirut is eying certain locations beyond Lebanon and Dubai. Cities such as Paris and London are particularly interesting as they boast large Middle Eastern communities and fine diners who enjoy ethnic and Mediterranean flavours.